Move Naked! A back-to-basics workout by guest blogger Trey Teufel

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I met Trey Teufel while training for the LA marathon last year. He’s the author of Felon Fitness and a personal trainer bases in Los Angeles. I love his training philosophy – which is to keep it simple and back to the basics, no expensive gym memberships or fancy equipment required. Pretty much naked if you ask me. He’s created a special workout just for us naked eaters. Check it out!

Just as Eat Naked is a back-to-basics dietary guide on how to improve your health (and body) through the calories you consume, Felon Fitness is a back-to-basics exercise guide on how to improve your health (and body) through the calories you burn. Margaret uses unprocessed and unpolluted food to help from the inside out; I use unequipped and inexpensive routines to help from the outside-in. Butt and thighs? Arms and abs? Her stripped-down diet and my stripped-down routines will shape them up in no time.

To build a foundation you have to start literally from the ground and work your way up. The same is true with your body. Below is a challenging routine designed to target nearly every muscle group in your body without requiring you to pick up a single weight or use a single piece of equipment. You’ll be performing squats and lunges for “butt and thighs”, cherry pickers and butterflies for leg and shoulder mobility, and push-ups and crunches for “arms and abs.” The exercises are put together in three ways for different levels of fitness: the first is a routine for those new to exercise; the second is a three superset routine for the intermediate fitness enthusiast; the third is a circuit for advanced fitness buffs.

First, here’s a video demonstrating how to perform the exercises:

Routine 1

Routine 2

In the above routines, exercises are grouped into three supersets. You’ll perform the squats immediately followed by the push-ups. You’ll then rest one minute before returning for your second and third sets of squats and push-ups. Do the same for crunches and lunges as well as the cherry pickers and butterflies. Also, the order of the exercises is designed to have you moving up and down from the ground and back to standing in order to give you a bit of an extra challenge.

Routine 3

Routine 3 is a circuit. The only time you rest during a circuit comes after completing the final exercise. You’ll rest one minute after completing the butterflies only to begin the circuit again. Perform the circuit three times.

That’s just one taste of a bodyweight workout. They are simultaneously simple in their components yet challenging to complete. These routines in are affordable because little to no equipment is needed to perform them, and they are time-efficient since you can work out at home and not waste precious minutes going to and from gyms.

Trey Teufel is a Certified Personal Trainer (NASM), lover of baseball and all things fitness related. He has been a personal trainer for nearly a decade in the demanding cities of New York and Los Angeles, and currently resides in Los Angeles. You can connect with Trey on Twitter @felonfitness, on Facebook, or contact him at trey at felonfitness dot com.

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