The tool that revolutionized my weekly meal planning

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I have something to confess. I, like you, struggle with my health. My family deals with health roadblocks and is constantly facing hurdles that cause uproar and dissent. The number one reason for these tumultuous moments? Not eating meals in a timely manner. Why is there no lunch ready to eat in the fridge? What are we having for dinner? All roads lead back to decision fatigue around what to eat.

Like you, we are busy with kids and family; busy with our careers; busy living life. Yet, we’ve also learned that you can’t be successful without making your health a priority. Your health needs to be a part of your business plan and strategy.

Yet this is easier said than done. Well, I’m here to share the #1 tool that has helped us get out of decision-fatigue, save money and be more efficient with our time:

Meal Planning

Meal planning gets us sanely through our week. We shop with grocery list in hand. Prepared the night before by sifting through the current Bon Appétit magazine picking eye-catching recipes. Thirty minutes of our time to plan our meals for the week. Sounds simple right? Yet, there’s a more efficient, more comprehensive, and easier tool that is available anytime and anywhere. It’s called Real Plans. It’s a meal planning app that simplifies life–from breakfast to dinner.

The Real Plans app does more than plan your meals. It gets to know your family’s likes and dislikes. Remembers your favorite recipes. Tracks your macros. Streamlines shopping. And will even get groceries delivered to your doorstep.

I’m hooked.

Completely, utterly hooked.

You see, if I had the brainpower, time, and technical support to make a meal planning service, here are the key features it would have:

  • It would come with options – I could choose my meal type (paleo, traditional, vegetarian, gluten-free, etc) and the recipes it would give me would be based on the food paradigm I specified.
  • It would give me menu ideas, but give me total flexibility to move things around according to my week, to upload my own recipes, and to skip days completely if I feel like it.
  • It would “read” my recipes and automatically generate a shopping list based on exactly what I’m cooking that week. And this shopping list would be editable – I could go through and mark off what I already have, I could add things that are weekly basics even if they aren’t ingredients in the actual recipes. In other words: it would be just like my paper list, but much of the hard work done for me.
  • In my perfect world, this shopping list would travel with me on my phone, and I could mark things off as I do my shopping. No paper required.

So imagine my utter delight when I learned that these features are EXACTLY what the Meal Plans app offers, plus a couple more features that are so fancy and helpful, I didn’t even dream they were possible:

the tool that revolutionized my meal planning |

One of my biggest pet peeves about meal planning is that you never know how many people you’re planning for – is it a recipe for 2 or 4 people? What if 6 are eating that night, but only 2 the next night? This can make a huge difference in the volume of groceries you need to buy, and how much food you end up making. Most meal planning services default to planning for 4 people, but what if you’re single?

This upgraded meal planning service has built in the coolest feature where you can adjust the number of servings per meal. Yes, per meal. So if on Tuesday night it’s just you, but on Friday night you’ve got all the kids plus their best friends over for dinner, this software will do all the math for you and adjust both your recipe AND the grocery list accordingly. Now that is seriously cool!

And this isn’t just for recipes in their system – once you’ve uploaded one of your family favorite recipes, it will do it automatically for your recipes, too. Pretty amazing, right?!

I am officially hooked and will be using this regularly as my meal planning go-to. I think you should, too. Plus, it’s FREE for your first 14 days so you can ensure it fits your needs and lifestyle. Find out more about it and sign-up here.

Next week I’ll share my four steps to effortless meal planning – the system I use every week to make sure our family is eating a healthy, yummy and nutrient-dense diet.

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