12 Kitchen Hacks to Up your Cooking Game

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Cooking isn’t for everyone but most of us have no choice but to figure it out. I love learning ways to make my kitchen experience easier and more efficient. Who wants to spend all day in the kitchen? Okay, I do. But that’s not the case for most people!

These 12 kitchen hacks will impress your guests and simplify your time in the kitchen. Make sure to stick around at the end of the video for a special guest appearance!


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Got 4 minutes? Here's 12 Kitchen Hacks to Up your Cooking Game | eatnakednow.com



  1. Love these tips, Chef James! Can’t wait to employ them in the kitchen!

  2. Dharini Woollcombe


    Wonderful tips! Thank you! Can’t wait to show off to my hubby who does most of the cooking around here 🙂

  3. Cynthia


    Thank you always nice to hear from you, Margaret and the girls! (Ex-student of Cynthia Millman-Floyd❤️?)

  4. LisaF


    Always appreciate kitchen time-savers (& watching that little cutie daughter of yours in the kitchen)! Would love to see how to quickly tackle herbs like cilantro, thyme, parsley, etc.
    Thank you for your help!

    • Chef James


      Thanks for tuning in! That’s a great suggestion and just so happens to be the next video I’m going to tackle! Be on the lookout in a few weeks for that one!

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