5 Practices to reboot and reinvigorate your health in the new year

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The new year is right around the corner and with it comes a mountain of expectations, anxieties, and prophecies.

Self-care and grounding has never been more important than it is right now. Anyone over 40 knows that every day is a precious one and not to be taken for granted.  New Year’s eve is a time for reflection and preparation. New Year’s Day is a time for action. What action is going to be different for all of us. If you’re not certain where to start, these 5 practices are a sure-fire way to reboot your health, both mentally and physically.

1) Spend Time With Loved Ones.

The biggest mistake any of us can make is isolating ourselves while we are on this planet. Don’t assume because you are in the same room with someone that you have to be “on”. Just being in the presence of others can be nurturing to the soul. Also, don’t assume the “others” need to be human. Animals are incredible companions, as long as they’re not trying to eat you.

2) Eat Good, Healthy Food.

Don’t eat processed foods. Don’t eat food with unpronounceable ingredients. Just eat real, naked foods. Processed food and sugar will affect your mood and not in a good way. Do you know about Thrive Market?

3) Drink Water and be Merry

Drink lots of clean water. Water feeds your cells, provides clarity, and satiates cravings. Start by drinking a full glass of water upon waking. You’ll be amazed by the shift in your energy from drinking more water and less of the sugar drinks, including juice and alcohol.

4) Go For A Walk Outside

Not a run, but a walk. So many of us are always pushing, pushing, going and going. How long has it been since you gave yourself the permission to just slow down? Do you remember how to move your body without the agenda of a performance outcome? Simply enjoy the outdoors and get some sun. Maybe smell some flowers. Hold hands with a loved one as you walk in silence and feel the wind on your face.

5) Turn Off the TV

I’m a movie watcher. I love movies, particularly after a long day. In many ways it’s my go-to when I need to decompress. I’m making a different choice in the New Year, which I’m already starting to incorporate now. Instead of a movie or TV, I’ll play a board game, read a book, write, or sit and talk with my wife. I love having people over for dinner and a board game. The amount of laughter that comes forth from that type of evening is incredibly healing. Yet, I rarely do it.

If we aren’t doing the things we love, then what are we doing?

There are so many other self-care suggestions I could add to this list but I’m going to leave it at five. Why? Well that’s all part of my choosing self-care. There’s no need to over-do it or to put pressure on being perfect. If you can incorporate one suggestion from this list, then you’re doing just great in my book!

Happy New Year. May this year be filled with everything you love.

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  1. Kathryn Edmundson


    I wasn’t sure where to post this question but I figured it falls under “LIVE NAKED”. I am wondering what amount you guys use for your eat naked budget/month (doesn’t include eating out)? I have adopted many of your recommendations and realize you don’t really spend more money but just spend it in a different way when you eat naked. I was still curious though if you had any recommendations?
    Thanks for your time and LOVE the new book,

    • Hi Kathryn, Great to hear from you and delighted to hear you’re enjoying the book. We don’t have a set food budget per se, but I’d say we spend about $100 per week for the two of us together (and I’m pregnant so eating even more nutrient-dense foods than usual). We buy almost exclusively from Farmers Markets, our local coop, and a great online food delivery service called Spud.com. Occasionally we supplement from Whole Foods, but only rarely. It really depends from person to person. I’m not sure that there’s a standard, but this should give you a benchmark. -Margaret

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