A Day in the Raw Foods Life [30 Days in the Raw, Day 23]

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As we tuck into our last week of eating exclusively raw, we’re finding our groove in a daily routine. One of my favorite questions of the three people we’ve interviewed (Max Kane, Brad Keimach, and Melissa Henig) is “What does a day of food look like?” and we’ve been getting that same question a lot ourselves.

Here’s what a day in our raw food life looks like:


Some variation of a green juice blended with raw eggs and raw cream (aka a GAPS Smoothie) or a raw smoothie with raw eggs, raw milk, raw cream, a little raw honey, and some raw fruit.


Either leftovers from dinner the night before or a little antipasto-style plate of raw goodies.


Typically a big salad with some raw meat or raw fish, drizzled with a raw-ified favorite dressing, like this one.


A handful of nuts, a slice or two of raw cheese, maybe some kale chips (new recipes we’re trying coming soon!), a half avocado drizzled with some lemon juice, or – a new discovery on this raw primal diet – a spoonful or two of raw butter mixed with a little raw honey.

We’ve also taken the opportunity to try out some raw desserts, and will have these a couple of nights a week. Favorites so far: raw vanilla bean cheesecake; raw vanilla ice cream; raw chocolate mint bites. We’ve got raw avocado lime tartlets on the menu this week and we’ll let you know how those work out.

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