A recipe for the new year: A poem for possibility

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As we step into the new year
Into new possibilities, fresh beginnings
We give ourselves a new chance to be
What we’ve always dreamed of being.

Healthier. Stronger. Fitter. Leaner.
Happier. More joyful. Peaceful. Confident.
Focused. Clear. [fill in the blank]

Whatever your word, whatever your desire, you have it within you now.

Yes, now.

You cannot desire what you cannot achieve.

It’s that simple. That powerful.
And that much responsibility.

You can be who you’ve dreamed of being.
You can do what you’ve longed to do.
You can take that next step towards your wildest desires.
You have everything you need, inside you, right now.

You may not see it. Hidden behind disbelief,
the I don’t know hows and the I cants.
The limiting beliefs, keeping you small and safe.

You may not see it. But it’s there.
The seed of your possibility.

Just take that first step. Let the next one be revealed.
Lean on trust, breathe in faith, and follow your dreams.
You CAN do this.

Happy new year!

With love,


  1. Thanks for sharing. It’s easy to get bogged down in the excuses and limiting beliefs, especially in the cold of winter. I appreciate being reminded that I can do anything if I follow my intentions.

  2. Carrie Aguirre


    Margaret. Thank you. So much.

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