All About Lectins: A review of The Plant Paradox

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Have you ever heard of lectins? These little anti-nutrients in certain foods can wreak havoc on your gut, creating inflammation and an over-reactive immune system. Dr. Stephen Gundry wrote a book all about them called The Plant Paradox: The Hidden Dangers in “Healthy” Foods that Cause Disease and Weight Gain.

Now, I don’t often do book reviews, but I’ve had so many clients reach out to me in a panic about The Plant Paradox that I figured this was worth a read and wanted to share my thoughts with all of you. In this week’s video, I share my thoughts on this book, explain the basics of why and how lectins affect your health, and help you determine if this diet is an appropriate one for you.

Buy the Plant Paradox here.

Do you have more questions about how lectins affect your health and whether this diet is one you should try? Ask them in the comments below.

If you want to test to determine what specifically your body is needing right now to heal rather than rely on a generic protocol, here’s more information on working privately with me.

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All About Lectins: A review of The Plant Paradox |


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  1. Cindy


    Thank you for that review, very helpful.
    Other books you may want to check out: The Big Fat Surprise, Nina Teicholz, Genius Foods, Max Lugavere, Deep Nutrition, Catherine Shanahan.
    These people were all featured in the Series: The Real Skinny on Fat with Naomi Whittel that was very good.

    • I know several of those well. Thank you for the recommendations, Cindy!

  2. Thanks Margaret! I really appreciate this discussion. Soooo many more books I would love to see you review!

    • So glad it was helfpul, Liz. Let me know if there are any in particular you’d like me to do. It takes me a bit of time, but I’m happy to dive in.

  3. Alex


    I still choose to enjoy grains and legumes and reduce the lectins naturally through soaking, sprouting, cooking, and fermentation. Guess everyone’s belly is different 🙂

    A bonus tip from my traditional cuisine to remove lectins and prevent bloating: when cooking beans, throw away the first water after 30 mins, refill and keep cooking as usual.

    • Alex, those are absolutely valid ways to reduce the impact of lectins on the gut – I agree with you completely and that’s how I’ve always handled it, and even Dr. Gundry would say that once the gut has healed, this is a very good approach. Great tip on the bean water. Thank you! 🙂

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  5. doreen


    Hello and thanks Margaret for your review (and lots of other helpful info you provide).
    As with AIP, Paleo, Primal, Keto and now Plant Paradox I find that I am at a loss as how to proceed (after six years of trying each of these).
    I’ve known for 10 years that I have a nickel allergy but just recently learned about the foods that are high in nickel content and therefore should not be in my diet. How does one live/eat well without dark leafy greens, salmon and (gasp) dark chocolate – to name but a few of the restricted nickel items?
    Additionally, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s about eight years ago – after getting treated (unsuccessfully) for eczema (oh, the stories).
    Are there any diets out there when one has this combination of issues?
    Thanks for any info you might have to share.

    • Hi Doreen, I know it’s so frustrating, confusing and often overwhelming trying to navigate all the different issues. In a case like yours it’s really best to work with a practitioner who can help you navigate these issues and come up with a protocol that is specific to you and what your body is needing. Generic diets have their limitations and in complex situations like this, it’s usually a situation where we take a basic diet as a starting point and then customized based on a variety of factors – your symptoms, testing, etc. I’d recommend looking up a functional nutritionist. This is the kind of work that I do if you’re interested in exploring that, or finding someone who does this kind of investigative work from a nutritional standpoint.

      • doreen walker


        Thanks Margaret. I decided, prior to seeing your reply, to do something my future self would thank me for. I’m in the midst of a lymphatic cleanse. I keep telling myself I chose this route… But, all sarcasm aside, I can feel the garbage leaving my system and know that’s a good thing. Since I suspect this is at least a 3 month process (off and on), I will wait to see what happens with this and a mostly vegan diet, dry brushing, pressure points, oil self massage, herbal tea supplements and EOs. I just have to remember that it took years and multiple injuries to get here so the journey back will not be overnight.

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