Preferred Practitioners & Partners

The following is a list of our preferred practitioners and partner organizations. We have worked personally with every company and individual on this list, and have the utmost confidence in their services and products. Check back every so often because we’ll be adding to this list over time.

Complementary health service providers

The Body WellThe Body Well wellness centre in West Hollywood, CA is led by the fabulous Dr. Mike Carragher, or “Dr. C” as we fondly call him. Practitioners collaborate often on clients to make sure they are getting optimal support from all key areas: nutrition, hormonal optimization, physical movement, and mental agility. The clinic’s primary focus is on Age Management, a proactive and preventative approach to health care that focuses on increasing quality of life as we age.

If you live outside of Los Angeles, you can still participate in some of The Body Well’s cornerstone programs. Contact their office directly for more information.

Berlin Wellness Group logo

Dr. Elliot Berlin is a fantastic chiropractor specializing in healthy pregnancy. He is the reason that at eight months pregnant, I could still bend over to tie my shoes and get back up again, pain free. A few months into my pregnancy, this was not the case. His wellness centre offers not only chiropractic and massage, but all sorts of additional prenatal support from lactation consultants to twin coaches. If you or anyone you know is pregnant in the LA area, send them his way. They’ll be in good hands.

Mention EATNAKED when you book your appointment to receive a $15 discount on your first visit! 

If you live in the LA area and you’re looking for an acupuncturist, look no further. Adam Griffin L.Ac., M.S.O.M. is the founder of Acutonix and one of the best acupuncturists I’ve ever experienced. He is kind, compassionate, so knowledgeable, and really understands the fundamental importance of a real foods, naked diet to overall health and well-being.

When you book your initial appointment, let them know you found him on the Eat Naked Resources site and you’ll get 25% off your first visit! 

Heather Cassils, personal trainerHeather Cassils is a personal trainer and artist in the Los Angeles area that I’ve trained with extensively. She’ll kick your ass, but do it with such an encouraging smile that somehow it’s okay. If you’re in LA and want to take your work-out to a whole new level, Heather’s the one to take you there.

Let her know you found her here, she’ll give you a 50% discount off your first session!


Laura Coleman, Injury prevention and rehab specialistLaura Coleman is a personal trainer and Egoscue-certified Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation Specialist. Translation: if your body is hurting and you’re not able to do your favorite activities for whatever reason – no matter how small or big the problem – Laura is the answer to your prayers. I have experienced her magic first-hand on several occasions and watched her help people prevent surgeries, completely resolve long-term “impossible” injuries, and recover from all matter of things speedily and completely.

She’s based in Portland, OR so if you’re lucky enough to live in that area, you can work with her in person. If you’re elsewhere, she does remote coaching via Skype (this is how she helps me). Give her a holler if you are in any way injured and she’ll work you through it.

Our beloved massage therapist, Helane Anderson, CMT Helane Anderson, was another happy surprise for us. Referred by a friend, she started working on both Margaret and Chef James and we loved her so much, we’ve been going to her weekly ever since. She’s incredibly intuitive and uses a wide variety of modalities – from deep tissue and acupressure to Craniosacral and polarity therapy –  to tailor each session to what works best for the individual present at that moment, enabling each person to access their own abilities to heal and relax on a deep level. Let’s just say it’s powerful stuff! She’s LA based and until internet technology advances to the next level, you’ll have to be local to experience her magic. Check out her website and book your first session here.



Food Delivery

Wholesome2Go logoToo busy or just not interested in making your own food but still wanting to eat naked? We all know how difficult it can be to find truly naked meals at restaurants or even health food stores. If you live in the LA area, Wholesome2Go is the answer. Owned by the wonderful Chef James Barry himself, Wholesome2Go delivers 100% naked food to your doorstep. They even have a special Sugar Control menu option for those of you doing the 14-Day Sugar Control detox.

spud logoSpud is an online grocery delivery service that I’ve been using since its early days back when I lived in Vancouver, BC. They provide a fantastic service that brings local, organic groceries – from your produce, to your meat, to your toilet paper – directly to your door, often for cheaper prices than you’d find in many health food stores. I hate grocery shopping, so I love this service. They are currently serving many cities across Canada and the US. Check their website to see if they’re delivering groceries near you!  (Tip: in LA and OC, you can even order your raw milk through them!)

Enter promo code EATNAKED when you sign up to receive $25 off your first order (minimum order $50).