Ah the little joys no one tells you about pregnancy until you’re in it: deep fatigue, constipation, hemorrhoids, acid reflux, edema, insomnia, sciatica… just to list a few.

I’m a pretty healthy gal. I take good care of myself and for the most part, I have no complaints. Sure, there are a few “last frontiers” to conquer (hello Mama Migraine), but overall I’m doing great.

So I was expecting a smooth and easy pregnancy with zero complications and general well-being. Maybe a little back-ache when I got into my third trimester, a touch of nausea in my first.


I learned quickly that being pregnant is its own marathon of weird body stuff that I thought only happened to “other” people (hemorrhoids, anyone?) And while I actually fared way better than many of the other mamas I know, I had my fair share of symptoms to deal with.

Each time something new would come up, I’d go online to research it and find tons of conflicting, mostly bad advice. Frustrated, I’d end up defeated and even more exhausted at the thought of trying to figure out what to do. Thank goodness for an incredible midwife who was a veritable library of natural tips and tricks to keep me in top form.

The whole time I kept thinking to myself: someone should write all this stuff down! Nothing fancy, just a list of ailments and then a whole ton of natural options to try (because what works for me might not work for the next mama, or the next). But, being pregnant (= already freaked out by how much I had to do to prepare for Baby Girl) and choosing sleep over another writing project, I just put it on the “to do someday” list.

And then I came across this eBook, by fellow blogger Lleaon Rao: Bump to Birth: Holistic Remedies for Common Pregnancy Ailments and Natural Childbirth. With great delight and dose of relief, I discovered the book had already been written.

Birth to Bump - iPadBump to Birth is a compendium of natural remedies for every common ailment facing pregnant women. Lleaon give you ideas for diet, supplementation, herbs, homeopathy, aromatherapy, crystal therapy, and acupressure. For every ailment she gives you options of things to try in these categories. There are so many great tidbits in here, even if you’re not struggling with these symptoms (or pregnant for that matter) you’ll learn something.

For instance, did you know:

  • A kiwi a day helps prevent constipation? (she has a yummy “ConstiEase” kiwi smoothie recipe)
  • Sweet Orange or Grapefruit essential oils in a hand or foot bath can help reduce swelling and water retention?
  • Raw almonds are helpful in reducing the symptoms of heartburn?

Now, I’m a foodie and health nut, but these are tidbits even I didn’t know (but I sure wish I had!)

If you or anyone you know is pregnant, this e-book is a must-have. Knowing the resources are there before you need them will bring such peace of mind, and you’ll have your first course of action – natural action – for those common nagging pregnancy ailments that no one told you about.

Bump to birth: Holistic Remedies for Common Pregnancy Ailments and Natural Childbirth| Eatnakednow.com

The only thing I don’t like about this e-book is that I only found it now, a year and a half after being pregnant…

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