Cook from your heart, not your head – Step 2

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Two weeks ago we looked at the first step of cooking from your heart: how to get in touch with your naked self, stripping away all the confusing messages from food marketers and tapping into your body’s innate wisdom. Today let’s take your naked self shopping.

Step Two: Shop Naked

No food in your fridge to satisfy what your body is REALLY asking for? Then follow the paved road to your local farmers market.

Start by walking the entire market once prior to buying anything, allowing your body to register all the possibilities. Sample the food, take in the smells, the colors, and most importantly, talk to people. Many of the people behind the stands are the owners and/or workers on the farms. Ask them questions: how far did their produce travel? what fertilizers do they use? which of their produce is at peak of season?

Notice which of these farmers market delicacies your body gravitates toward. Try to focus on what you learned about your primal self from Step one. Many of the Los Angeles farmers markets even sell wild fish and 100% grass-fed beef. Your head may get confused by the terms, but your body knows that cows are herbivores and it’s not natural for fish to be farmed.

Some of this food may be more expensive than you’re used to, but remember this is the true cost of food. There’s no government subsidization or middle person, just you and the farmer. If you’ve been talking and asking questions you’re already learning what this food means to the people selling it. You’ll never find a better place to establish this one-on-one intimate connection to the food you’re buying than at a farmers market.

For those of you without access to a farmers market, or if it’s winter and they’re not yet in season, take all the points above and apply them to a grocery store. Stay on the perimeter aisles since that’s where all the natural food is, talk to the butchers and the heads of the produce department. Most of them will know where their food is coming from. If they carry organic produce, try to make your choices in that area, but if the organic produce doesn’t look good or is already browning, then choose foods that smell flavorful and look good enough to eat.

Follow your instincts, support independent farmers (when possible) and most importantly, enjoy your day. Whether you’re outdoors or indoors, grocery shopping with your heart and not your head can help you make healthier food choices. Oh, and don’t forgot to bring your own shopping bags.

Coming soon, set the table cause it’s time to eat. Step three: Cook Naked.


  1. Fabulous post. I’ll use these tips next time I shop for food. Thanks.

  2. Jaimie


    Love this website! Keep up the good work Margaret. I like your approach because it really makes so much sense. Its takening me many years to have the knowledge i have now. And the interesting thing is i used to be on the raw food diet for a few years. For that time i never counted a calorie yet i was losing weight rapidly. However i am in a more balanced state now not cutting out food groups. I feel so good now eating real foods like the wild caught fish, pastured meats, eggs and dairy with lots of fruits and veggies. Its a great way to eat and you do feel satisfied! I just ate black rice, fish, vegetables cooked in butter and coconut oil and am still full! Its like if you eat what you are supposed to your not hungry.

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