Everything you ever wanted to know (and more) about sugar

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Sugar got a GRIP on you? If so, you’re not alone. And it doesn’t have to be that way.

Life looks better without sugar. Trust me. There was a time when I couldn’t fathom a day without some kind of sweet treat, and chocolate was a mainstay. Now it’s an occasional treat, take it or leave it. I don’t crave it, obsess over it, or even think about it that much.

And when I say “sugar”, I’m talking about ANY kind of sugar – really anything that converts to sugar in your blood: bread, pasta, alcohol, fruit, cake, gummies… take your pick. It’s all ultimately sugar even if it’s “good sugar”.

In case you haven’t heard, we’re having a Summer Flash Sale this week only (August 4-8) on our 14-day Sugar Control Detox. Since sugar is on the mind (in a new way, of course) I thought I’d put together our top rated posts on the topic. Consider it a roundup of everything and anything you ever wanted to know about sugar (and probably more!)

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A great overview of how sugar is making us fat and sick: Sweet Misery: How our sweet tooth is killing us

If you’ve gotta use it, at least use the good stuff: Know your sweets: a guide to natural sweeteners

Agave, and why it’s NOT the natural alternative it’s touted as being: Agave Nectar: Hope or hoax?

And just to show that sugar comes from lots of things, even your “whole grain bread”: Wheat Belly: The Myth of the Healthy Whole Grain

If sugar doesn’t get you going, anti-aging strategies will: Age to thrive: four simple strategies for aging gracefully and powerfully

Because it’s not just about the calories, but where they came from and what your body does with them that counts: The myth of the calorie and why I don’t count them.

So the kicker of things is that when we went to fat-free and low-fat food, food manufacturers had to put something in to make the food still taste good. What did they turn to? More often than not, sugar. What a mistake that was. The Fat Question: Why fat doesn’t make you fat

In case you think of the word “weak” when it comes to your willpower and sugar, take comfort that: It’s not you. You’re wired that way. And find out why I think willpower has nothing to do with it.

Because sugar is sugar, no matter how many other nutrients come with it. The Myth of the Natural Sweetener.

Would you give your 5 year old a cigarette? Thought not. Sugar and Cigarettes. Same same, but different.

Find out where sugar is hiding in your diet, and what to do about it. The sneaky monster: How hidden sugar in your diet is taking you out.

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  1. noemi


    Hi Margaret, I am confused about this article. According to what I have read – but please correct me if I misunderstood – it looks like you believe eliminating sugar (both processed and natural) from our diet is recommended, as processed and natural sugar in the end alway sugar is. But I think that such restriction and limitation would lead to deprivation and increase cravings as well as eating disorders. I am a very “strict” person and I really try to limit sugar as much as I can, but I noticed that sometimes my body needs sugary stuff. Then I would get satisfied with whole food, but still, fruit is sugar and based on what I have read is still something to avoid. As much as I can eat fatty food to feel satisfied, sugar need is something else.

    So my question is: should we avoid all types of sure? if not, how much sugar is good for you?


    • Noemi, you’re right. Many foods convert into sugar in the body – it’s not just dessert foods that I’m talking about. I believe that if you have blood sugar handling issues (which many do) that it can be very beneficial to eliminate ALL sugars completely for a short period of time to help recalibrate your metabolism. Once you have done that (2 weeks minimum – but some people need to go longer) then you have a clean slate and can reintroduce very small amounts of natural sugars. How much depends to a large degree on your body, your metabolic type, and your overall health profile. If you struggle with candida, you’d need to stay away from it completely for a good 6 months. If you’re otherwise healthy and a 2 week sugar detox did the trick, you can bring it back in so that you’re having some fruit daily and a moderate amount of starch (I emphasize moderate – most people eat way too much). The idea is to find the balance that is just right for your body – where you feel great after meals, have consistent energy all day, aren’t craving anything, and don’t feel like any of this is about willpower – it’s just how you eat to feel fabulous. But it’s impossible to find that balance that works specifically for you until you’ve got that clean slate to start from. Also – an important point – I believe that it’s important to eat a ton of vegetables – all of which are carbohydrates. So I’m not saying low-carb specifically, I’m more saying low-starch (grains, potatoes, fruit, sugars of all kinds).

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