There’s a hot new online resource in the world of real food: Think for food. Instead of helping you find that perfect mate, it will help you find your perfect farmer: local, supplying exactly the foods you love no matter how specific or off grid.

Searching for raw goat milk butter? FarmMatch will help you find it

Want only pastured eggs with no soy feed? FarmMatch has your back

On the road and desperate for a restaurant that serves real, naked food? FarmMatch will hook you up.

I met founder Max Kane at the Weston A. Price Foundation Wise Traditions conference a couple of weekends ago. He’s a passionate force in the real food movement and he’s on a mission to bridge the gap between farmer and consumer, connecting supply and demand. In just a few short weeks since its launch, already has thousands of users from countries all over the world. In fact, they’re growing at a rate of 26 new consumers and 4 new farms every day!

Here’s how it works:

  • You create a (free) account where you specify your location and food preferences. (The food preferences piece really impressed me. You can be as specific or as general as you like and trust me when I say they have thought of EVERYTHING. I dare you to find a whole food that isn’t on their list.)
  • Click on the map button (which conveniently remembers where you are) and you can see all the other real-food consumers, farmers, restaurants, and buying clubs near you.
  • To make this even more user-friendly, you can filter your food selections so that you see only those who are supplying exactly what you’re looking for. Not bad, eh?

You can also filter the map by consumers, farms, buying clubs, delivery sites, farmers markets and restaurants. No longer do you have to “know someone who knows someone” to get access to real food. This site is making it all accessible and widely available.

Are you as excited about this idea as I am?

Go sign up now and tell all your friends! This site’s power is in numbers and the more of us are on here, the more amazing a resource it will be.

Have a favorite farmer, restaurant or buying club you’d love to include here? Tell them about it!

Registration is free for everyone and it’s a great way for them to let more folks know of the services they offer.

Off to find my perfect match… see you there?

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