Do you ever sit? I thought so. Then you need to watch this.

Because chances are you’re sitting in a way that’s making your body work harder than it needs to and is throwing you out of alignment.

Yeah, I know slouching back on that comfy couch *feels* like it’s super relaxing, but it in fact could be the root cause of all sorts of aches and pains you’ve got going on. There’s a reason why “sitting is the new smoking”.

In this week’s installment of Fitness Friday, Laura Coleman teaches us how to sit in our hips – taking full advantage of their stabilizing role.

Fitness Friday: Are you sitting wrong?  |

Laura Coleman - justmuscles.netLaura Coleman rocked my world a few years back when she helped me get to the root of all the knee and lower-back issues I’d had since my teens. In just a couple of sessions, Laura put me on a simple program of rehab exercises (unlike any I’d ever seen before) that brought my body back into alignment and actually fixed the problem that no physiotherapist, massage therapist, or chiropractor had ever been able to solve. I was hooked! We’ve been terrific friends and shared many clients since, and I’m delighted that she has offered to share her wisdom with all of you via this Fitness Friday video series. Laura lives in Portland, OR with her two gorgeous daughters. She works her magic at Club Sport and with clients all over the continent via the magic of technology (aka Skype). Check out her blog and website here.

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