Healing Foods: Lacto-Fermentation 101

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One of my all-time favorite ways of preparing food is to ferment it. I learned about the process of lacto-fermentation when I first studied nutrition. I remember at first thinking the whole idea was very weird and kind of gross. I’ll admit it took me some time to turn myself around to the concept. Once I did, I completely fell in love with fermentation – or “culturing” – and I’ve never turned back. A meal without some kind of fermented food isn’t complete to me anymore.

Imagine my delight when I was approached by the folks at Healing Quest, the incredibly progressive PBS show that prominently features real, traditional food (to my knowledge, it’s the ONLY show that does this). They asked me to demonstrate how to use lacto-fermentation to create delicious and probiotic-filled condiments. Check out these two segments here:

In this first segment, I show an easy way to make a culturing starter at home, and how to use that starter to naturally preserve any homemade condiment.

Healing Foods | eatnakednow.com

In this second segment, I show how to make my all-time favorite: cultured sauerkraut.

Enjoy and don’t forget to check out the rest of the series on PBS this winter! Set your DVRs now. You won’t want to miss a minute!

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  1. Georgia


    I’m intrigued with your Lacto-fermentation and healing foods. Both video clips seem very reasonable & make sense with all the years of food prep and storage that I’ve inherited from my European family culture. I’m going to give both of them a try. Hope you do more video’s or Utube. Hey, how about TV? Let me know. I will definitely give it a DVR and a watch.

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