Help me reach the finish line and win 6 months of free nutritional counseling

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I shared in Living 2010 Fully that I’ve made the decision to live 2010 as though it were my last year to live. I am living it FULLY – taking the risks, following my heart, and relishing every little delicious moment that this life has to offer.

One of my life-long goals is to run a marathon. I’ve talked about doing this for years, but I’ve never successfully made it to actual race day for all sorts of reasons I won’t bore you with. This year I’m intent on reaching my goal. This being my Year to Live, my year to create legacies, I decided I want to do this for something bigger than just me and the satisfaction of running through the finish line (although from what I’ve heard, that’s quite a moment!)

With a little research, I learned of the AIDS Marathon training group. It’s affiliated with the APLA (AIDS Project Los Angeles), an incredible organization that provides food, home health care, and other basic needs to thousands of people whose lives are affected by HIV/AIDS.

So here’s the deal: I raise $2,500 for APLA, they train me to get through the marathon finish line, and together we’re doing something really powerful for people affected by HIV/AIDS, many of whom are living in poverty with few places to turn. And here’s my request of you: will you be part of this effort and support me in this mission?

It doesn’t take much. There’s no minimum donation. $5, $10, $20, $100, $250… anything and everything helps! And here’s a little carrot for one lucky person who’s been thinking of working with me nutritionally – the first person to donate $1000 to this incredibly worthy cause will receive 6 months of nutritional counseling with me, FREE OF CHARGE, and with a nice ol’ charitable tax receipt for your contribution to make it all the sweeter. Now doesn’t that sound like a good deal?


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