There’s so much conflicting information out there about red meat. Most of what you’ll find in popular media will lead you to believe that eating red meat is setting you firmly on the path to degradation and disease. But is it that simple?

This week I answer that question, inspired by Latasha who emailed in and asked: “How do I cut back on red meat? My family and I love it.” You can feel her internal conflict even from the way she’s phrased the question.

So: what’s the deal? Is red meat going to send you to the cancer or cardiac ward? Or is there a way that it can be included in a balanced diet? We answer that question in the video below.



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To Eating More Veggies!
~Margaret and Chef James

Anthropologist’s would say that we couldn’t tweet if our ancestors hadn’t eaten meat. But if eating beef, how much do we eat?”


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