How to prevent your avocados from browning

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Have you ever sliced into the most perfect avocado, used some of it, only to come back later to a hard, brown, useless mess? There’s nothing more tragic than a wasted avocado.

Okay, there’s LOTS more tragic than a wasted avocado, but still… perfect avocados are awesome and should be cherished.

This week, Chef James shares his tricks and tips for how to keep avocados from browning and how to make the perfectly bright green guacamole that doesn’t brown after the fact.

Have your own avocado tricks? We’d love to hear them! Please share them in the comments below.

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  1. Sheena


    Using the method suggested in the video, how long can one expect the guacamole to last?

    • Chef James


      Hi Sheena, Great question. I’ve never tested it for too long because the guacamole always get eaten quickly. I did notice that after after shooting the video, the avocado I had soaked in salt water was still green the next day. That’s much better results than not soaking. I’ll make a point next week to test it and see how long it keeps green. I’ll post the outcome on the Eat Naked facebook page. Thanks!

  2. JH


    I live in Mexico. What we do, for guacamole, add a small squeeze of lemon, more lemon if you want it green for a few hours, less if you plan on eating it in the next couple of hours. When we have avocado slices, we keep the pit in and cover it with plastic. In the fridge or on the counter it is good to go the next day.

    • Chef James


      Hi JH, Thanks for sharing your methods. Do you find the ripeness affects the outcome? I’ve found the citrus and plastic wrap to be inconsistent, only working well if the avocado isn’t overly ripe. Do you get consistent results? Thanks!

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