How to Roll Sushi

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As I dip my toes into the very beginning of my third trimester of pregnancy, one of the foods I’m missing the most is sushi. I just love raw fish. Until the baby comes, I’m making do with some yummy homemade sushi with either smoked fish or just veggies. It’s a “hard life”.

In keeping with our theme of cooking how-to videos, this week Chef James shows us the secrets behind rolling your own sushi. We’ve got a great quinoa sushi recipe in The Naked Foods Cookbook (have you pre-ordered your very own copy yet?), or you can use any combination of veggies and fish you like. The finicky part is in the rolling, and once you know the tricks, you’ll be all set.

What’s your favorite homemade sushi? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.



  1. I had never thought of using quinoa in sushi rolls before. I love this video! I hardly ever make rolls, and now I am glad to know this video is here for my reference. Thanks guys!

  2. Leslie


    Quinoa! What a fabulous idea! Similar to the omelet video, I don’t think I ever felt confident enough to roll sushi myself, but this demonstration makes it simple. Glad to know I can indeed do this myself if I want. Thanks!!

  3. Chris


    Nice one .I also created a blog about how to make sushi .Like your idea

  4. Wendy


    I used the wet towel and it worked great, though my rolls were not even and therefore a little lumpy just like James said they would be. Practice, practice practice : )
    But still delicious! I love quinoa so much I polished off the leftovers already, so I used:
    carrot shreads
    white radish (the milder kind)
    green onion
    bell pepper
    mung bean sprouts (snached out of my sprout bag : )

    dipped in naked “Speedy Asian Dressing” yum!!!!!

    • Yum!! 🙂 We often just use a mix of veggies with huge handfuls of pea shoots or sunflower sprouts. Works just as well as the quinoa. 🙂 We also love to add in salmon or tuna. Making myself hungry thinking about it…

  5. Ibrahim


    Thank you nice video I like it

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