This video is a part of the “KiDs Can Cook” series that Sia and I started in 2017. With each video, Sia comes into her own as a chef or “Cooker” as she calls it. Seeing her enjoyment in the kitchen reminds me of myself as a child.

I’m super excited to share our newest video. The first thing I learned to make in the kitchen at age 7 was scrambled eggs. Sia isn’t even 6 years old yet, and she’s already mastering it.

Now, it’s easy to write this video off as “cute” or “just for entertainment sake”, but my hope is that you find it inspirational. It is my mission to support you in making and eating real, naked foods.

Have you ever made the excuse that you didn’t have time to make breakfast? If you get anything from this video, I hope it is that breakfast doesn’t have to be glamorous or time-consuming. Scrambling an egg takes a couple of minutes and is something a kid can do. Just add some veggies to the eggs and breakfast is served.

Is there something you’d like us to show you how to cook? Let us know what other cooking videos you’d like to see in the comments below.

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