Labors of Love

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Today is Labor Day, a national holiday in both of my home countries (Canada and the US, in case you didn’t know). To celebrate this long weekend and the end of a wonderful summer, I spent a couple of hours doing something that gives me some of the greatest pleasure: preparing really nourishing foods for me and my loved ones so the fridge will be stocked and there are lots of healthful options ready on-demand.

Something I encourage my clients to do is set aside some time on the weekend to do food preparation for the week. It really doesn’t take much time – just a little forethought and a few key ingredients. In less than two hours this weekend, here’s what I was able to make:

  • Cream-cheese (from organic yoghurt – delicious!)
  • Sauerkraut (my personal favorite of the cultured veggies I make – loaded with probiotics to promote gut health, aid digestion, and replenish the beneficial flora)
  • Hummus (an easy classic that’s great for snacks)
  • Goddess dressing (vegan and easy)
  • Chicken stock (a handy by-product of a delicious roasted chicken)
  • Mayonnaise (a healthful alternative to the store-bought types, packed full of digestive enzymes)

All of these are very healthful, nutrient-rich alternatives to what can be a concoction of chemicals, over-processed ingredients, fake fats, and preservatives when purchased ready-made. And they are surprisingly easy and quick to make. Over the next few days I’ll share the recipes of these labors of love.

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