Lovebird Special! Sugar Control Detox 2-for-1 Sale

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It’s time! Our Valentine’s Day Lovebird Special has officially begun and we’d love to have you and your loved one join us. For the next four days only – from February 14th to 17th – we’re celebrating LOVE and the power of two. When you register for the Sugar Control Detox program, you’ll get a second registration FREE of charge. You see, we find the people who are most successful on this detox are those who do it as a team: with their spouse, their family, their friend, their co-workers. So what do you say? Ready to reboot your system, shed some pounds, get your mojo back, and kick your sugar cravings to the curb? (We won’t even get into how this will improve things “under the covers”, but let’s just say there are lots of side benefits to this detox we don’t advertise!!)

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Hey LA peeps! If you’ve been thinking about doing the Sugar Control Detox, but can’t wrap your mind around preparing the food yourself, our sister company, Wholesome2Go healthy meal delivery, has an awesome special this month on their Sugar Control Detox meal plan. Check it out here.

Sugar Control Detox Flash Sale |

With all our love, Margaret, Chef James, and the Eat Naked team



  1. Dona Johnston


    I am 84 years old and this would be a pretty late start but I know I am addicted to sugar. Never smoked. But I have gone out in the middle of the night To buy a candy bar. Would really like to feel better and controlling sugar binging would be a good start. Any suggestions how?

    • Hi Dona, Thank you for sharing. Identifying the issue or behaviour to change is always the first step. We are in process of redoing our Sugar Control program or I would suggest doing that. In the meantime before we have that available, I would start with these baby steps: First, make sure you are drinking more water. Second, eat more quality fat (ie. avocados, ghee (for cooking), almonds, bone broth, etc). Fat will help curb your sugar cravings. Make sure to sign up for our 10 weeks to Eating Naked on the homepage of the website. That free program will walk you through some powerful changes as well!

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