My morning smoothie, GAPS Style [30 Days in the Raw, day 2]

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Okay, we’re at day 2 of the 30 Day experiment and so far I’ve survived. Yesterday wasn’t actually as difficult as I thought it might be. Perhaps that’s because I started the day with a tried and true raw breakfast favorite?

It’s called a GAPS Smoothie, so-named by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, creator of the therapeutic GAPS diet.

The GAPS smoothie is basically a juice that you blend with some good raw fats and proteins. There are endless variations on this, but here’s how I made mine:

I juiced:

  • 2 cucumbers
  • 5 stalks of celery
  • 1 head romaine lettuce
  • 1/2 bunch of parsley
  • 2 carrots
  • 2 beets + their greens
  • 1 meyer lemon

And then I put that juice in my trusty vitamix along with:

  • 6 raw eggs (really good quality eggs from pastured chickens)
  • 1/4 cup raw cream (haven’t made crème fraiche yet, but will do so with the rest of this cream for tomorrow’s breakfast)
  • spoonful of raw honey

I blended it all up, and ta-da! My morning smoothie, GAPS-style. Chef James and I shared it, and even Sia had a few sips to go along with her morning eggs. Loads of enzymes, phytonutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals; unadulterated high quality protein; and excellent fats to sustain me through the morning.

And it’s delicious to boot. Creamy, a little sweet, and surprisingly filling.

How did you start your day?



  1. Ratika


    Hey Margaret,

    This smoothie sounds delicious! I’ve been drinking the Green Smoothie from your Eat Naked cookbook 3 times a week since we did the detox earlier this year, and I love it!

    Question — can I just throw the top list of ingredients into the vitamix? Or do I *have* to juice that stuff first? I would just as soon make this one step like the Green Smoothie is.

    Thanks and all the best for the next 29 days!

    • @Ratika – The carrots, beets, and celery don’t process as well in the Vitamix. Here’s what I’d do if you want a green smoothie that has the added protein boost of the raw eggs and doesn’t require juicing: use the smoothie recipe you’re using now and just add some raw organic cucumber (or if you can’t find organic, then peel it) and as many raw eggs as you like. You’ll get a very similar version to the above.

  2. kathy


    so was it the whole egg including whites?

    • hi Kathy, yes it sure was. Whole thing. But could have just as easily thrown away the whites and just used the yolks. I like to do the whole food though. And raw egg whites are only harmful when they’re without the yolks.

  3. Mary P.


    I don’t have a juicer, could I just blend this combination rather than juice it?

    • Mary, a blended drink will be more of a smoothie with all the fibre left in than a “juice” so it won’t be the same drink. I find some things that juice well don’t blend well, but it depends on your tolerance for pulp and the strength of your blender. Also you’ll find that you can’t include the same volume of vegetables in a smoothie because of all that fibre – it will make way too much. But certainly play around with it and find your perfect blend.

    • Here’s one of our favorite green smoothie recipes as well that might help get you started.

  4. Charity



    I am allergic to eggs and milk. Any substitutes you could recommend?


    • coconut milk is a good substitute for the milk; it’s hard to get a raw animal protein in smoothie form if you’re not doing eggs… I’d just skip that part of things and eat protein from another source at the same time to make it a full meal.

  5. Shanan


    How many serves is this. This would cost about $15AUD at least.

    • This is 1-2 servings depending on your appetite. The more you can source fresh organic produce from local farmers (e.g., farmers markets, CSAs, etc) the less expensive it will be. But yes, this is a nutrient-dense breakfast and thus can cost a little more. It will fill you up for a long time, though – so you won’t be snacking later that morning.

  6. Megan


    WOW 6 eggs i don’t think i can do the raw eggs part what could i substitute them with?
    Also, ive got raw milk but not raw cream will that do??

    • Hi Megan, raw milk is fine. The eggs just help the smoothie’s effects last longer. Instead of the eggs, maybe add some ground flax or hemp. You could also add your favorite raw protein powder. The green juice alone is a great way to start your day.

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