My new favorite kitchen gear: Sauerkraut Kit

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By Margaret Floyd,  NTP HHC CHFS

By Margaret Floyd, NTP HHC CHFS

It’s not everyday you meet someone who can talk cultured veggies at length, but that was my good fortune at a conference several months back. I was chit-chatting with Victoria Schneider, a fellow Nutritional Therapy Practitioner who introduced me to a new toolkit for making this nutritional superfood.

Cooking_MG_9054 [If you’re not already familiar with cultured veggies, start here and here. They are a true superfood and we eat some version of them with almost every meal.]


StoneCut-2-web1 Victoria spends much of her time in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico these days, and has teamed up with a women’s co-operative and a wonderful stone carver to make the essential components of my new favorite kitchen gear: the Sauerkraut Kit.



There are three parts:

1)   A hand-crafted and specially designed stone “pounder” for pounding your veggies to release the juices. Having tried many a pestle for this task, I can tell you the weight is perfect and it feels so good in your hands.

2)   A veggie press for smooshing your veggies down in the jar, bringing up the juices and getting rid of any unwanted air. Picture a small potato-masher that fits in a wide-mouth mason jar. No more squeezing out the juices awkwardly with the back of a spoon.

3)   A hand-sewn whey bag for dripping your yogurt to make whey. A quart of yogurt fits perfectly and you don’t have to start on a colander and create some fancy tie set-up to finish the dripping. If I’m speaking Greek to you, just trust me – it makes the process far easier.

Your tools fit conveniently in the whey bag, and comes with a little booklet with tips for making the perfect sauerkraut and several awesome recipes. A total steal for $40 and when you read about the suppliers you’re going to feel extra good about supporting such a great cause.

Check it out on And while you’re there, read Victoria’s story for some serious inspiration.

To your fermented veggie loving health!


  1. happy2Bnatural


    Interesting kit, but a good whey bag & potato masher together might cost 8 or 9 dollars. So then are you saying that this specialty stone pounder is worth some 30 dollars? What’s the justification for that? Please give us more details. Thanks.

    • I’d recommend you check out their website and see for yourself the careful resourcing that has gone into this kit. It’s about more than the cost of the goods themselves.

  2. Good answer Margaret. Yes, it took me awhile to find Rosalio, our stone carver. But, the main cost is in a word: shipping stones! I was excited to put the kit together but then, the reality of shipping stones to Eugene Oregon was the challenge. There is really no inexpensive way to get them here. I hand carried them in my suitcase, always exactly at 50 lbs, but due to complications with my husbands disability, he has post traumatic head injury, I was shelping them in and out of trains, busses and taxi’s. Just too much!

    You can be assured that your stone will be in your family for generations! Our suppliers are all below the poverty level in Mexico, so your purchase also supports some wonderful, hard working people put food on their families tables. We all appreciate your purchase! Enjoy!

  3. I feel so grateful to you Margret for bringing our SauerkrautKit to the awareness of your many readers. In total, as of right now, 14 people have ordered our kits!!!! One from Canada too. Thanks to all of you,

    • Yay!! Delighted to support your wonderful product and I’m so thrilled to hear that people are buying them. I absolutely love mine and can’t rave about it enough!

  4. Julia


    Hi Margaret,
    I’m interested on making my own sawerkraut & cultured veggies but don’t want to use the whey due to being allergic to dairy. Can I make it just with the salt? I’ve seen recipes that don’t use whey. Do you find it necessary? Also would I be able to purchase the kit without the whey bag?

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