Naked Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season

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It’s that time of year again, folks. Whether it’s Santa, or a loved one, or whoever your preferred bearer of gifts, it seems this is the time to spread a little joy and abundance among those we love.

I both love and hate this season. I love it when I find the perfect gift. I hate it when I find myself trolling the overcrowded stores, searching for something that isn’t trite or just a gift for the sake of a gift. I’m a big fan of gifts of service – you know, a day at the spa or a dinner out – but even those have their limitations.

To help you out this year, I’ve compiled my shortlist of some naked gift ideas. See what they inspire in you:

1. For the eco-kid (or the kid in you) – stylish, eco-lunch boxes.

I’m a big believer in preparing your own food, which means brown-bagging it when it comes time for lunch. Trouble is, all those brown bags had to come from somewhere and end up in a landfill. How about this super stylish planet box?  It comes with all sorts of cool compartments and designer bags. This one’s high on my wish list.

2. For the foodie – cultured veggies.

I bet most foodies haven’t had home-made lacto-fermented sauerkraut before. It’s naked – in fact, it’s better than naked! – and I’ll put my bets down that you’re the only one giving this gift this year. Make a big batch and pack them in small jam-jars for the newbies. Here’s a video and recipe to get you started. Or, if you’re feeling like home-made is too much work, Immunitrition ships their yummy cultured veg all over this great nation.

3. For the sweet tooth – raw chocolate.

Wanting to go the sweet treat route but not wanting to make the traditional sugar cookies with lots of refined sugar and white flour? Order some delicious raw chocolate from our friend Liz Marx at Sweet Nuit chocolates. This stuff is magical, and good for you too! They’re 100% raw, naked, and delicious.

4. For the physically active traveler – Felon Fitness.

Good friend and personal trainer Trey Teufel wrote a great book called Felon Fitness. It’s ideal for the frequent traveler because these are exercises you can do anywhere with little to no equipment. All you need are your gym shorts and shoes, and you’re set!

5. For the activist – a copy of Kristin Canty’s documentary, Farmageddon.

It’s a powerful and compelling call to arms to protect our right to choose the food we eat, and the rights of farmers to grow it. If you’re buying for someone who’s socially and environmentally conscious and likes to do something about it, this is a great gift.

5. For the conscious fashionista – a pair of Tom’s shoes.

You’ve probably heard of them: the really cool LA based company that gives one pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair they sell. The concept is simple, and brilliant. Style for you, shoes for a shoe-less child. That’s what I call a win-win.

6. For the curious but uninitiated – their very own copy of Eat Naked.

Okay, I have to plug it. How about a copy of my book?  If you’ve been living the naked lifestyle for awhile and your friends and family are curious but not quite sure why you think butter is the healthy option, spread the word! I wrote this book as an easy, accessible introduction to eating real foods, so it’s a great place to start. Email me directly if you’d like a special signed copy.

What’s on your holiday gift list?

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