Naked Living and Authenticity: A resolution for the rest of us

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At this time last year, I took on the incredible and daunting challenge of living 2010 as though it were my last year on earth. It was scary, exciting, and one of the most rewarding years of my entire life.

It was a year of risk-taking. My two major goals for the year – to write my first book and run my first marathon – were daunting, and put everything else I did into focus. I honed my goal-setting and -achieving skills like never before, and was amazed at all the other gifts that flowed from such clear intention. It was truly a banner year.

And now, here I sit. A year later. Blown away with gratitude. In awe of what’s achievable when you fully put your heart out there and dare to live your dreams.

And… utterly stumped at how to follow up on such big successes.

I think of my goals for this year – Launch the first book? Yes, of course! Write my second book? Already working on it. Run my second marathon? LA, March 20th – and, great goals they may be, but somehow they don’t light my fire. Second-time around something is different.

Coming into this week I had every intention of writing about “how to make your dreams come true.” And yet all week I’ve been struggling, unsure of my own goals, writer’s block sending me deep into self-questioning. As I watched the resolution-setting support emails from other health and life coaches pile up in my inbox, I found myself sinking deeper and deeper into my own little pit of despair.

I am constantly reminded that living naked is to live truly exposed, the ultimate in authenticity. (Just checking: by now you realize I’m not talking about clothes, right?) It’s not comfortable but it has its benefits. I decided to reveal a deep dark secret about myself in my book (you’ll have to read it to find out) as a direct result of the overwhelming gratitude I’d get from clients when I shared my utter human-ness with them. And connecting, as humans, is what it’s all about.

And what does this have to do with goal setting for 2011? In my struggles to find my goals and my creativity this week; in my self-doubt and embarrassment at not having it all figured out; in the anxiety all this created, I discovered what this year is truly about. It’s not the doing, but the being. Being totally authentic, naked, real. And that’s enough. It doesn’t have to be a goal, or a resolution, or even an intention.

So, if you’re struggling with what goals to set, if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed with all the hoopla around resolutions, then perhaps it’s enough to just be true to where you’re at. As YOU. Because (and here’s the really cool part) just as you are, you are ALREADY enough. Resolutions set, met, or not.

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  1. Very nicely said. And something we can all relate to at one time or another!

  2. Karen B.


    Perfect! My New Year’s Intention (not resolution) keeps
    coming up around vulnerability but not quite knowing what that
    looks like (hence the need to figure it out). Thank you for giving
    me a description I can hold & lean into. Looking forward to
    your insights & guidance over these next weeks of my “food

    • So glad it resonated with you Karen! I think we were in a similar place much of last week! 🙂

  3. Love, love, love this Margaret! I couldn’t think of a better way to talk about resolutions, and it comes at such a great time, when I am contemplating them for myself. It occurs to me that the last couple months, I have already started this current of living in an authentic, real, naked way, with everyone in my life. So, here’s to living naked 😉

  4. Thanks Les. So glad it resonated! You are a model and inspiration of authentic living for me. xo

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