Very atypically for me, I left this past weekend wide open and plan-free. To be at home for a weekend is unusual for me. To be at home and without a jam-packed calendar is unheard of.

The results were delightful, and more evidence that leaving space in your life for the unknown and for self-care reaps tremendous rewards.

At the risk of being self-indulgent, let me share my day with you:

It began with a nice snoozy sleep in. The type of sleep in where you wake up, aware that you could get up if you had to, but that you can sleep in too, and so you choose rest. And then you delight in the “I have nowhere to be right now, and this bed is so comfy I choose to stay right here” feeling. Result: a day begun well rested and steeped in a strong dose of appreciation.

Then it was breakfast time. Yummy eggs scrambled with lots of fresh veggies, a wee bit of sausage cause it’s Sunday and fun, and a piece of buttery (gluten-free) toast. Wow. So very good. Result: starting the day with delicious home-cooked whole foods that nourish body and soul.

After a little encouragement from my partner in crime, we brought out the bikes and went for a nice long ride, ending with a cruise along the beach: probably my favorite place to bike. The day was glorious, the bike through town surprisingly casual and relaxed (I live in LA, remember – that doesn’t often happen here), the beach an amazing treat at the end. Result: leave the car at home, and simply getting around town becomes great exercise and tons of fun.

I biked over to my little garden plot in Venice, and spent a couple of hours weeding, delighting at everything that’s been growing abundantly in my absence, and planting the next round of yummies. I harvested some fresh greens, peppers, strawberries, and carrots that I planted as seeds or seedlings, and felt so much love for the air and sunlight and dirt that spin their magic into deliciousness for my dinner plate. Result: I connected strongly to where my food comes from, and was amazed at what just two hours in the garden can produce.

A friend called: the wind was strong and the ocean was calm. Did I want to come out for a sail? Um, YES! Could the day get more perfect? Great friends, beautiful boat, the wind, the ocean, the sun. My cheeks hurt I smiled so hard. Result: a day fully spent outdoors, playing and laughing and feeling fabulous.

The bike back home (mostly uphill) was fast and fun, and we stopped at the market on the way home to pick up the missing pieces (some grass-fed steak – yum!) for dinner. We sipped a glass of red wine by candlelight, ate our delicious home-cooked meal, and relived every perfect moment of the day. I fell into bed exhausted, happy, and forget counting sheep – I was counting my many, many blessings.

What did I learn from this day? I learned how amazing a day without plans can be. How important and nurturing it is to spend a day almost entirely outside. How much you can integrate activity and exercise into your day in a way that you barely notice you’ve done it. How just relaxing into the weekend and taking it as it comes and enjoying every little minute of it can be one of the most nourishing things you can do for yourself.

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