Only one day left! Plus: Fireside chat with Margaret & Chef James

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The Naked Foods Cookbook Things are starting to rock and roll over here in Naked land. Tomorrow is the official pub date for The Naked Foods Cookbook. That means as of tomorrow, you’ll be able to find it on bookshelves across North America, and orders from Barnes & Noble and Amazon will ship immediately. It’s a good day.

It also means that it’s the last day of our crazy generous sugar-busting preorder bonanza. The preorder giveaway ends at exactly midnight, Pacific time, tomorrow, Thursday May 3rd. So don’t delay! Get out there to your favorite online retailer, buy yourself (and your closest friends!) a copy, send us proof of purchase, and we’ll hook you up with lifetime access to our new online 14-Day Sugar Control Detox program. Get the details & get your copy right here.

To get you juiced up for this exciting day of days, here’s a little fireside chat with me and Chef James. Some behind the scenes time (and dirt!) for your Naked Cooking enjoyment:

And there’s more! Next week we’ll be doing a live, online virtual book tour. It doesn’t matter where you live. As long as you have a computer with internet access, you can join us LIVE for our virtual book tour where we’ll be talking Naked Food, sharing some bonus tips and recipes, and generally getting down in the kitchen. Mark your calendars for Wednesday May 9th, at 3pm Pacific, 6pm Eastern. This is a live one-time event! No recordings, no re-dos. Don’t miss it! Click here for details & registration.

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