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The Naked Foods Cookbook


The Whole-Foods, Healthy-Fats, Gluten-Free Guide to Losing Weight and Feeling Great



There’s nothing better than taking a bite of a delicious meal you’ve prepared, knowing that each ingredient is helping create a more gorgeous you! Eating “naked” foods—nutrient-dense, additive-free whole foods— helps you lose weight and vastly improves the way you look and feel. And with this book, it’s easier than ever to make naturally tasty naked meals you can feel good about eating and serving to others.

Written by Margaret Floyd, author of Eat Naked, and chef to the stars James Barry, The Naked Foods Cookbook includes over 150 gluten-free recipes for simple dishes that bring out the natural flavors and nutrients of fresh, whole foods. The benefits of eating naked are lifelong, and you can start seeing results within the week. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to enjoy the naked foods your body craves. Your body will love you for it, and you will love your body!

Learn how to make delicious, naked comfort foods:

• Grainless granola
• Ketchup (with probiotics!)
• Raw chocolate fudge
• Nut-crusted pesto chicken
• Noodle-less lasagna
• Cheesy kale chips
• Gluten-free pizza dough
• Quinoa tabouleh
• Sweet potato shepherd’s pie
• Maple-sage pork tenderloin

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What people are saying:

“I’ve been eating these meals for the last few months and I love them. I’ve lost weight, I feel lighter, I have more energy and I feel better over all. And who knew eating well could actually taste this good?!” —Glenn Howerton, Actor/Writer/Producer

“I can not say enough about the positive changes that have come my way since switching over to an Eat Naked lifestyle. My meals are fresh and delicious and I know I am only putting the healthiest and most pure foods into my body. Not only do I feel amazing but I was able to lose all the baby weight I gained after the birth of my second child. I see no reason to eat over processed food when there is a simple way to feed myself and my family nourishing meals.” —Kerry Armstrong, busy mother & producer of The Moth StorySLAMS, & Scot Armstrong, screenwriter and producer

“With easy fast recipes for the kitchen newbie to complex recipes for the advanced healthy gourmet, the Naked Foods Cookbook has something for everyone who prioritizes health and still wants to eat delicious food.” —Dr. Mike Dow, author of Diet Rehab: 28 Days to Finally Stop Craving the Foods That Make You Fat

“I highly recommend this book, especially if you want creative recipes for eating gluten-free – and for making great stocks, too!” —Dr. Annemarie Colbin, Founder and CEO of The Natural Gourmet Institute, author of Food and Healing and The Whole-Food Guide to Strong Bones: A Holistic Approach.

“Life changing in terms of my health and fitness, this book has shown me how healthy eating can positively affect my quality of life. I have never had a healthier or more positive relationship with my body! I would recommend it to any one looking for any easy delicious unprocessed way of eating that would assure higher energy and constant satisfaction.”  —Jeanine Mason, Dancer and Actress

“James and Margaret have forever altered what happens in our kitchen, as well as our eating choices when we dine outside the home. Their recipes are both delicious and nutritious, and offer novel and unique flavors for the senses. The information and recipes in Eat Naked have helped eliminate years of mild gastritis and acid reflux. Thus, I no longer have the need for antacids and blockers. My ten-year-old daughter loves the food and still asks that we prepare more kale chips! She also eats delicious vegetables at every meal.” —Ashton Smith, Voice-Over Artist

“The Naked Foods Cookbook is filled with delicious recipes and creative ideas for how to take charge of your health in your own kitchen. It’s mandatory reading for all of my patients. Healthy, conscious eating never tasted so good!” — W. Michael Carragher III, D.O., Medical Director and founder of The Body Well, Los Angeles