It being Friday and all, I thought I’d share a little raw dessert I happened upon on my 30 Day raw adventure. I found these chocolate mint cookies on Good Girl Gone Green’s website and gave them a try.

They are SO EASY it’s ridiculous (it may tempt you to never bake again) and really yummy. I made them into tiny little bites rather than cookies ‘cause I like things small like that, but you can make them into any shape you like.



Combine all ingredients in a mixing bowl and stir.

Shape the batter into cookie shapes. We got a little fancy and used a chocolate mold to make ours, but you could easily just spoon them into little ball shapes.

Place in the fridge until firm – this takes about an hour. I like to keep them in the refrigerator because it’s hot here in LA, but if your kitchen is cool, you can keep them at room temperature and they should keep their form.


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