The Meal Planning Service you’ve been waiting for. Never panic about dinner again.

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Sometimes prayers are answered.

There are a lot of things I love about my job, but meal planning isn’t one of them. I used to LONG for a good meal planning service I could trust and refer clients to. But there was always something not quite right about the services I looked into: questionable ingredients, lame recipes, way too much time in the kitchen.

And so, every time a client asked for a meal plan, I took a deep breathe and bit the bullet. I spent hours on these meal plans, and they never turned out quite right. (My apologies to those of you who suffered through them.) Chef James entered my life and they got better, but still… the process was painful.

Until now.

I could not be happier to let you know that I have found an outstanding real food meal planning service by our friends at the fabulous (and LA-based!) Holistic Squid. You have two options:

  • Real food meal plan – for those of you without dietary specifications; you just want your favorites, made the way they’re supposed to be made!
  • Paleo meal plan – for those of you avoiding grains and dairy (this is a great one for those of you who’ve done our Sugar Control detox and are looking for meal planning into the future without a program that is essentially a modified and more relaxed version of the detox)

For both, you’ll get a weekly meal plan that includes:

tired of takeout? Never wonder what's for dinner again with these real food meal plans |

  • A detailed shopping list to save you time and money
  • Your schedule for the week laid out day by day (with one main cooking day and minimal time in the kitchen)
  • Recipes for 5 dinners – plus an extra – with enough leftovers to cover most of your lunches too!
  • One double recipe each week to bank “fast food” in the freezer
  • Bonus recipes each week so you always have Real food handy
  • For the Real Food Plan, Gluten and dairy-free options – for those with special dietary needs; or for the Paleo Plan, Primal options for those who include dairy products.

It’s kind of amazing. Your week of dinners is completely planned out – just like that! You will never need to wonder what’s for dinner again.

And did I mention it’s wildly affordable, starting as low as $6 a month? I know. Ridiculous. The time you save having to think this stuff through is worth far more than that measly price tag.

So what are you waiting for? Go check it out. Try the free sample and see what an incredible value this is.


  1. Leslie


    So excited to check this out!

  2. Candice Cassils


    Hi Margaret,
    I’d like to get this paleo plan for Heather, but the site does not allow me to do that. Please help.

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