The Migraine Miracle: The diet solution to end them forever

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I get asked a lot what my next book is going to be and while I have a few ideas swimming about, I got all hot to trot on one idea in particular: a book on migraines. After all, having struggled with them since my early teens, I have become something of an expert on how to prevent, mitigate, and manage them.

The Migraine Miracle Of course my first step after jotting down some initial ideas was to do a quick Amazon search for books on the topic. To my dismay, a book was scheduled for release just months from that day on exactly I wanted to write about: The Migraine Miracle: A sugar-free, gluten-free, ancestral diet to reduce inflammation and relieve your headaches for good. Sigh. And it was coming out by the very publisher who published our first two books! Darn.

What’s a girl to do but get a copy and read it?

That’s exactly what I did, and within a few pages I realized that author Dr. Josh Turknett, neurologist and clinical researcher in this very area, was in fact significantly more qualified than me to write this book. (Hey, I’ll be the first to admit it!) In fact, it’s by far the best book I’ve ever read on the topic.

First, Dr. Turknett gives an incredibly validating explanation of the migraine experience. If you’ve ever had a migraine, you know the extreme pain and debilitation it brings. It is most definitely not “just a headache.” One of the biggest emotional hurdles I’ve had on my migraine journey is explaining this to my non-migraine-experiencing family and friends. It’s hard to describe the fear and obsession that arise from the quest for finding that perfect storm of factors that will trigger a migraine. In reading his first chapters, I found great comfort in knowing I was not alone.

The Mirgraine Miracle: The diet solution to end them forever  |

Turknett’s deep scientific understanding of what’s happening in the body bio-chemically during a migraine is tremendously helpful in making sense of the intensity of symptoms. What I loved most was the powerful analogy he gave that explains how to determine your own unique combination of factors that can trigger a migraine (I won’t spoil it for you because I can’t do it justice in this limited space).

When he gets to solutions, dietary solutions in particular, I was cheering out loud I was so delighted to hear his recommendations. The three utmost important things you can do to drastically reduce the number and frequency of migraines in your life are:

1) Adopt a sugar-free diet

Amen to that! We’ve been doing this for years with our Sugar Control Detox – is it any surprise that one of the many pieces of feedback we hear from participants is how they eliminated their headaches?

2) Eliminate gluten

Yes, yes and more yes. Here’s what I think about a gluten-free diet, and oh, by the way, every recipe we’ve included in our two books are gluten-free.

Personal note: for the last few years I’ve eaten mostly gluten-free – probably 90-95%. But within the last few months I’ve eliminated it completely and have noticed that this has been a major factor in my migraines. This is something I *knew*, but never being diagnosed with a formal sensitivity it was hard for me to implement in my life. The one time I’ve cheated, I immediately got a migraine. The lesson: “mostly” gluten-free isn’t gluten-free at all. In fact, it takes a full 6 months to completely clear gluten from your body.

3) Eat an ancestral, traditional diet

This is what I call “eating naked” – getting back to the basics of a nutrient-dense, whole foods diet and getting rid of the nasty processed stuff. Honestly, when you do the above two factors, you’ll have gone a long way on this one.

All three of these critical approaches rid the body of inflammation, which is ultimately what set you up for the migraine experience to start with.

Turknett’s book is outstanding and I can’t recommend it highly enough. If you have migraines, it is a must-read. It’s that simple. Implementing the changes he suggests in this book will either eliminate the migraines in your life for good, or at the very least reduce them to a manageable level. (If you still struggle with migraines after you’ve implemented his recommendations, you may have some undiagnosed food sensitivities or digestive issues that you need to address, and this is work best done with a trained holistic practitioner.)

Want a chance to win your very own copy of this book?

Just leave a comment on this post explaining why you’d like to have the book and we’ll enter you into a random drawing for a copy. We’re giving away two copies of the book and will announce the winner on July 15th.


It’s always terribly hard to choose a winner in these giveaways, and so I let do it for us…

Congratulations to Jeannie Sapp and Gloria! You each have won a copy of Dr. Turknett’s incredible book. Please email us at info (at) eatnakednow (dot) com with your mailing address and we’ll send you your copy as soon as we can.


  1. Samira El


    I have been a chronic migraine sufferer for 4years. Usually 15 a month. And I get one thunderclap migraine a month which I have to go to hospital. I’ve tried eliminating dairy, wheat, avocados,tomatos, MSG, chilli, garlic, canola oil. Amongst other things. I’ve tried Inderal, Topomax, Sandomigran. All of which have failed. I’ve tried botox. I’m sorry for every person who suffers from migraines. I would love to have a copy of your book. To end my suffering. I wish I wasn’t born. I have seen 3 neurologists. I really need an answer. ??❤❤???

    • Oh goodness, Samira, it really sounds like you could benefit from working with a functional practitioner. Have you tried that route? Eliminating common culprits sometimes is just not enough (it wasn’t for me) and requires much deeper testing and investigation.

    • Shannon


      Your story sounds almost identical (no joke) to mine…
      I even had a full hysterectomy last August which one of my neurologist told me would most likely end my migraines. I thought I had finally found the answer for about six weeks after my hysterectomy I did not have one migraine first time in most of my life I wasn’t on injections for my migraines. But unfortunately They came back and strong…☹️ I don’t have an answer for you, but I hope you find one I can completely sympathize!!

  2. Deborah Newell


    I’ve suffered with migraines for over 20 years now…I’ve tried everything from acupuncture to chiropractic to food eliminations to prescriptions drugs. Still struggling with migraines that last 3 days with intensity of pain elevating with every day. Please help!

    • Deborah – Have you read this book yet? If not, it’s a really good starting point. If you follow the steps he outlines and still don’t have resolution, then I’d reach out to a functional nutritionist or doctor and they can help you get to the bottom of what’s going on. It can be some hidden gut issues, food sensitivities, a whole host of things… but you’ll need a practitioner to navigate that with you. Start with the steps in this book – they are really effective.

  3. Patty Tight


    I would love to have this book I am always looking for a new way to solve my migraines. I have had headaches since I have been in high school and soon I will be 58 years old. I have had MRI’s, Katscan. I have sleep apnea which they thought oh that will help your migraines, not. January this year it started with around 20 headaches that month. February around maybe 10. March hasn’t been as bad. I have tried dieting eating better. I have tried Beeswax from Raleigh products and spread over my forehead and neck. Tried therapy on the neck. Heating pad. Then over the years I had taken so many over the counter medicine that I also have acid reflux. GRRR. Its been very frustrating. I continue to going to the doctor to solve these frustrating migraines.

  4. Terry Engels


    I would like to have this book to help me manage my Chronic Migraines. I too like many others mentioned above who have left comments have bad migraines. I have a heriniation loab at the base of my skull and I also have high blood pressure. The dr mentioned surgery but I don’t want to be cut on. I am scared of the outcome. I have tried a variation of meds, eating certain foods/ diet but no relief. Oh don’t mention the weather which plays a big factor with my migraines. Oh no not rain again…here’s another migraine coming on. Well that’s my migraine life in a nut shell. Thanks. Terry Engels from Alabama

  5. Willow Bergeson


    My migraines were first diagnosed when I was five and able to explain the visual aura well enough for the doctors to know what is going on. I have tried all the medical treats but the continue to get worse, I will be 50 next month and now I average 26 days per month with migraines. I have of course tried on my own to figure out good triggers, but would love to have a complete diet suggested to me. Especially since I’m too exhausted to figure it out on my own!

    • Chef James


      Please reach out at to set up an appointment. I’ve witnessed first hand the massive improvements Margaret has made with her own migraines.

  6. Ben Phillips


    My wife has had migraines since she was a young girl I feel so sorry for her and I can’t help her with the pain she is feeling. I belive if she changes her diet it could help alot. I have been reading about migraines and diet seems to be the cause for alot of headachs. Maybe I can get her to try and change her diet, thanks for your help

  7. Sue H


    I used to think that my migraines were a complex combination of heredity and allergies to things triggered by my diet. I’m probably right in that, but never thought about a complete change in the way I am eating/lifestyle, until now. Both my parents and whole family suffer migraines – so I have been told ‘oh dear, you have bad wiring’ by a neurologist. I just accepted that answer. Then I discovered orange juice was a trigger. 30 years later I have only just discovered aspartame is another trigger. It shocked me to find I know so little about my migraines and no-one in the medical profession has really been that interested in helping me find out any more to reduce them. I am a regular triptan user and rely on topirimate which makes me drowzy – I need to find a better solution. It defies belief there is so little investment in this area of medicine – but why would there be when the pharmaceutical companies are supplying such vast amount of meds to us all !?! Well done to Dr Turknett for getting this information out there for free … so many would not have done that.

  8. Russ Gray


    I have been suffering from migraines for 10 years (it is now 2019). Up to this point, I have been convinced that the migraines were something I inherited from my mother, and a former boss. Then, the migraines got even worse in mid-2018 when I was T-boned in my car and I whacked my head against the door jamb. I now have 17 migraines minimum each month and the side-effects of the anti-migraine meds are almost as bad.

    About 3 months ago, a co-worker suggested I read a book on the Plant Paradox, and my wife suggested Dr. Turknett’s book on The Migraine Miracle. I am almost finished reading them and am astonished at the information! What I need now is a solid cook book, or two, that provides me with wholesome recipes that will allow me to cook food that my body can actually digest and use the nutrients. But where to get such a cook book? I must bet one into my hands and begin my journey down the road of better eating.

    May I offer my thanks to Dr. Turknett and Dr. Gundry for the work they have done in clearly defining the food problem and how our food pyramid is upside down and messed up.

    • Hi Russ, there are definitely a lot of great cookbooks out there that can get pretty specific to your needs. If you’re mostly needing gluten-free, delicious recipes, then I do recommend our cookbook, the Naked Foods Cookbook. We use it religiously and really enjoy it. If you’re wanting to get more specific, you might try Mickey Trescott’s The Nutrient Dense Kitchen.

  9. Jennifer


    I have been a migraine sufferer for over 25 years. Usually 12+ a month. It has disrupted my life, work and relationships and I am ready to do something about it!

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