The one most important thing you can do for your health

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Long before I decided to pursue a formal career in nutrition and wellness, I was passionate about finding the key to good health. There must be some secret. Something magical. A formula that if I just got it right, I’d find myself the vision of perfect health, fitness, and weight.

Since I’ve become a nutritional therapy practitioner, the top question I get asked is: What’s the one most important thing I can do for my health? What’s that one key change that is going to make all the difference?

Well… I am about to unveil that mystery. But first, indulge me for a moment and do a little play-along exercise. Grab a scrap of paper and pen.

#1. Write down the top five changes you could make RIGHT NOW to get healthier, fitter, and become your ideal weight.

#2. Look at the list. What feels the easiest? What do you feel is really doable, maybe even a little fun?

#3. Pick that one thing.

#4. Do it.

#5. Do it again, every day for 21 days.

And now… drum roll please as I unveil the mystery of true health…

That’s it. You just wrote it down. That one thing you think you can do and do for the next 21 days is the thing that is the one most important thing YOU can do for your health.

Disappointed? Looking for the magic formula? Ideal action? Worst or best food to eliminate or add to your diet?

Well, my friends you’re not going to get that from me. Because let’s face it. We all know what to do. Cut the pop. Eat more vegetables. Eliminate sugar. Drink more water. Eat less refined food and more whole foods. Exercise more. Get to bed an hour earlier. Have one less drink on the weekend. The list is endless when you get going. But none of that helps, because we all KNOW that, but we don’t DO it.

The most important thing you can do for your health is DO it. Do something. Anything. Pick one thing that feels easy, that feels right, that feels doable. And then commit to doing it. They say 21 days creates a habit they say, so commit to doing it for 21 days. Make it a habit and see how you feel.

And in 21 days, do the exercise again, and add one more thing. And you’re rocking and rolling.

Because it’s far more important that you actually DO something than that you wait to figure out the perfect thing to do.

So get out there. Follow Nike’s sage advice and just get the heck out there and do it.

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