The Raw Food Stylist: An interview with Melissa Henig [30 Days in the Raw, Day 24]

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It’s not every day you meet someone who eats a raw primal diet. In fact, I can count the number of times I’ve met someone who eats this way on one hand and still have two fingers left.

So imagine my delight when I was introduced to Melissa Henig, the LA-based Raw Food Stylist who eats a raw primal diet and is a passionate advocate for this way of life. I had the good fortune of interviewing her last week and learning about how she eats, the health changes she’s experienced with this lifestyle, and how she makes it all work.

Check it out:

Melissa agreed to give us a sneak peak from her upcoming book Butter Me Up, and is sharing one of her hallmark recipes  – butter pie – with us tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Melissa Henig is a nutritional researcher and follows a raw primal diet.  She lives the raw primal lifestyle daily and has experienced exceptional health.  She is a raw primal chef, inspirer, and teacher of nutritionally dense foods.


  1. abey


    So interesting! Thank you. What a great interview!

  2. Alexandra


    Thanks so much for this interview! My husband and I have been eating a raw primal diet for a year now and it has changed our lives. From digestion to mood, improved skin to time saved in the kitchen. And the food tastes delicious! I can’t wait to buy Melissa’s cookbook 🙂

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