One of my all-time favorite styles of lunch is to have an antipasto style salad. Yum. A delightful realization on this 30-day raw challenge is that a raw plate of such delights is a delicious and easy way to have a raw lunch.

Here’s what I had the other day:

  • two pieces of smoked salmon (smoked is still raw, and I’m using not heated over 117˚F as my definition of raw… there are purists out there who would say raw is RAW – as in, pretty much nothing done to it, but that’s going over the top for me) sprinkled with dill
  • a few raw sea crackers (recipe in our Naked Foods Cookbook, using the dehydrator instead of the oven to set the crackers)
  • some raw cheese – this is some Roquefort and Appenzeller
  • an heirloom tomato, sliced with some fresh basil sprinkled on top
  • ¼ avocado with some olives
  • some sliced raw veggies: a carrot, some yellow pepper, and a radish

I drizzled cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil and squeezed some fresh lemon over the whole thing and called it lunch!

Simple and utterly delicious!

What’s your favorite raw lunch?

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