Week 3 Status Update [30 Days in the Raw, Day 21]

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We are coming into the home stretch on our 30 days of raw eating and the benefits of eating this way continue to unfold.

This week has been skin week. James is noticing his skin feels generally softer and isn’t oily, and while I don’t really see a difference in my own skin, I’ve been getting compliments on it all over the place so something must be going on. As much as we’re doing this to experience the health benefits, it sure doesn’t hurt to hear that it’s showing up on the outside, too! Interestingly, an old scar that I’ve had that would occasionally get a little red and angry has been healing profoundly to the point of disappearing at the ends. I’m impressed!!

For both of us, digestion is continuing to optimize. In fact, we’re both getting much clearer on very specifically what might trigger a little tummy ache (for Margaret: raw nuts that aren’t soaked; for James: some pita chips he “accidentally” had at a meeting). Overall, things are “going” much more smoothly.

Another little unexpected benefit has been a change in our breath. It’s cleaner and doesn’t get that raunchy sour taste (even in the mornings!) of bad breath. I’m sure this is connected to the deep digestibility of everything we’re eating.

Our biggest challenge has been the social aspect. Let’s face it: we LOVE to gather with friends over food and that’s not something that we want to give up. Sushi for dinners out is great, but getting old fast. We’re foodies at heart, and we love a good breakfast out on the weekends or to discover a new restaurant. While we’re feeling fabulous eating exclusively raw and will certainly incorporate far more raw foods into our daily routine as a result of this experiment, I don’t think we’ve got it in us to go completely raw for good.

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