What Are You Living For? 5 ways to slow down and re-prioritize what matters

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Today is our daughter’s 2nd birthday and this has inspired Chef James to do some soul searching. Here are his thoughts on how to re-prioritize for what truly matters in life. 

It’s hard not to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life. For many of us, we wear our work hard-play hard attitude like a badge. “Look at all I do! Look at how hard I work!”

Do you ever wonder why? Lately I’ve been asking myself that question. What’s it all for? The knee-jerk answer is “for my family”. Yet in many ways, it is our families that suffer the most from our workaholic lifestyle. So, what’s the real reason?

For most of us, we are simply locked in a destructive pattern. Not too different from any addiction, we get high off the adrenaline but have lost our way as to why we went down this path in the first place.

Let’s not kid ourselves, this lifestyle is taking its toll. From the dark circles under our eyes, the skin irritations, the shoulders that won’t release, or that pudge that just won’t seem to go away no matter how much you work out.

Well, I’m tired of running to stand still. I’ve got a two year old that I love more than I ever thought possible and I want to be around for her 45th birthday.

So to commemorate my daughter’s 2nd birthday and to take ownership of my health, here are five life lessons that I’m incorporating today!

What are you living for? 5 ways to slow down and re-prioritize  |  eatnakednow.com

1. Time Boundaries

Setting boundaries on work and play time are key. I don’t care if you’re a CEO or a janitor, don’t work over an 8 hour day. If you can get away with it, get your work time down to 6 hours. Oh, and no more 7 day work weeks. Take at least one day a week off for yourself and your family

2. Movement matters

When I’m in the work zone, I often argue that I don’t have time to exercise. Let’s be real: it’s not time that’s the problem, it’s that I don’t make it a priority. We cannot take our bodies for granted. If you don’t use it, you will lose it. This doesn’t have to be something big or complicated. A simple walk does wonders for your body and your mind.

 3. No grazing allowed

We are eating too much and too often, especially that mindless noshing on whatever’s at hand while doing eight other things. It is important to allow the body time to digest. Three hearty meals a day in a timely manner is all we really need.

4. Be affectionate

A kiss goodbye, a hug hello can do wonders. How often do we take this all for granted? At a minimum, smile. We live too often with an “us against them” attitude. We all have the potential to be human and kind in all circumstances.

 5. Slow down

This is easier said then done, I know. But really: slow down. The days may feel long, but the years are going fast. You matter more than the work. It can wait and if it can’t…ask for help.


  1. Estee


    Thanks for this. My opinion is this. Simplify and release the feeling of need, need, need and then maybe we can get back to enjoying the breath we breathe. Once I don’t need what they are selling or mark my success by what’s on tv then maybe I can feel satisfied with what I already have.

    • Pamela


      Estee, very well said!

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