When is it “enough”? Ending the perpetual pursuit of more

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Something unusual happened this morning.

I was on my way home from my Wednesday routine of yoga class followed by breakfast and a few hours of work at a local café. The air was clean and warm, the people I walked by were smiling. And I felt so perfectly content, so satisfied, so “enough”.

It was amazing, and striking for how rare I feel this way.

I am a do-er and I like to get sh*t done. I have big dreams and I love to watch them manifest. I get off on this stuff. But perpetually chasing after dreams has a very real downside: I often miss out on what’s happening right here, right now.

I don’t think I’m alone in this.

When is it enough? Ending the perpetual pursuit of more | eatnakednow.com

Our whole culture is based on the perpetual pursuit of more: more money, more growth, a bigger house, more security, a harder body, a healthier lifestyle, smarter kids… it’s all about more, more, more, more… but when is it enough?

I remember back in my former life as a business coach, I was at an event for socially minded entrepreneurs and a collection of the most successful among them were discussing what is “enough” in terms of income. Was there a number at which point they were satisfied? Was there a certain amount of income beyond which they could contribute anything additional back into the community, into the causes and people they believed in? It was a profound discussion and not necessarily a comfortable one.

We are so conditioned to believe in the never-ending pursuit of more that it’s hard to even wrap your mind around the idea of enough. But what this leads to is the perpetual feeling that WE are not enough. When was the last time you said (to yourself or out loud): I’m not fit enough, healthy enough, wealthy enough, funny enough, quick enough, strong enough, attractive enough to [ fill in the blank ]. It keeps us hungry, and ultimately dissatisfied.

What if you had everything you need right now, already? What if you ARE enough right now, already? How would your life be different?

I can tell you that these momentary glimpses into a happy and contented life, where I know to the core of my being that I am and have enough, are some of the most blissful moments I’ve ever experienced. And I’m on the hunt for more of them (just seeing if you’re paying attention 😉 ).

Here’s my challenge to you: when you find yourself in that perpetual pursuit of more, take a moment to take stock of what you already have. Breathe into it, feel the gratitude for it. How does this change your perspective? And how does this new perspective change your life?

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  1. Sarah


    Thank you so much for this article! Makes me remember and realize how much I DO have. I forget to appreciate that. I am going to print this out and put it up where I can see it and remember to relax and enjoy… At least once in awhile! That’s WAY more often than I do right now. Thanks again!

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